The Destruction of Sodom: What We Have Learned from Tall el-Hammam and Its Neighbors presents the fascinating results of the research conducted by author Phil Silvia for his doctoral dissertation in an easy-to-read format. His cosmic airburst thesis is remarkably supported by the archaeology of the southern Jordan Valley as well as the physical evidence gathered from across the eastern Kikkar. Needless to say, the biblical implications are profound.
Pages: 226     Price:   19.95

The Defendable Faith is a reader-friendly apologetic source presented in way that is understandable and able to be enjoyed by all. Yet, it has been used as an effective college and seminary textbook. The material is clear, concise, and relevant to anyone seeking to develop and defend a biblical worldview. This is one of the best books available on Christian apologetics, written by an experienced and respected archaeologist and biblical scholar. It is a must-read.
Pages: 300     Price:   25.00

Let My People Go -- Historians and Bible scholars have a long history of speculation about the identity of the pharaoh at the time of the Israelite Exodus from Egypt.  This detailed study reveals that the Exodus events as described in the Bible do, in fact, fit with precision into a corresponding segment of ancient Near Eastern history when sources from Egypt, Hatti, Mittani, Assyria, the Levant, and the biblical narratives are properly understood and superimposed.
Pages: 160    Price: 18.00

Handbook for Holy Land Travelers contains a wealth of historical, archaeological and geographical details and descriptions of important sites throughout the Holy Land. Not a picture-book, but full of fantastic information you can read as you travel. A great primer-text for biblical geography!
Pages: 220     Price: 15.00

The Search for Sodom and Gomorrah is the first title to be released in the new Research & Discovery Series by TSU Press.  In this book you will find a valuable collection of the geographical, chronological, and archaeological research leading to the discovery of the infamous Cities of the Plain, and the ongoing explorations and excavations led by Dr. Collins and his American/Jordanian team of archaeologists and experts.
Pages: 142     Price: 14.00

Sent free to TeHEP volunteers, the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project Volunteer Manual is designed to provide current and potential volunteers with the latest information about the excavation project, preparing to travel to Jordan as a member of the team, and what to expect when you get there.  Every volunteer member of the TeHEP excavation team, along with anyone interested in this exciting excavation project or archaeology in general, is encouraged to read it.
Pages: 82     Price: 9.00


Trinity Southwest University

Christian Discipleship will guide you through the disciple-making process, step-by-step, and help you make the most of your time and effort in discipling new believers and others who need this vital training. Whether you are a youth minister, pastor, young person or adult, this manual will get you involved in reaching others for Christ and then training them to make disciples.
Pages: 322     Price: 24.00

The Kikkar Dialogues is the second title to be released in the new Research & Discovery Series by TSU Press.  This book presents a record of the dialogues between Dr. Steven Collins and other archaeologists, scholars and the critics of his identification of Tall el-Hammam as Sodom.
Pages: 226     Price: 22.00

Sent free to TeHEP staff and supervisors, the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project Field Manual is designed to provide current and candidate supervisors with the latest information about the excavation and data collection protocols and methodologies employed at the site.  Every volunteer member of the TeHEP excavation team, along with anyone interested in this exciting excavation project or archaeology in general, is encouraged to read it.
Pages: 134     Price: 12.00

The Hebrew Alef-Bet Ulpan workbook is based on the Ulpan (Israeli language school) alphabet learning program and is designed to help you learn the Hebrew alphabet and basic pronunciation.  It is intended to be used in conjunction with the 18-hour course taught by the author at Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but can be used in any learning context where the instructor is familiar with the Ulpan methodology.  If you already have a basic knowledge of Hebrew, then you can also use this workbook for self-study and review to develop and maintain your proficiency with the Hebrew language.
Pages: 52     Price: 12.00

REVELATION: What Did John Really See? is a study guide for the apostle John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ that will challenge you to think about what John might have actually seen as the Revelation unfolded and how he interpreted what he saw so that he could explain it to his readers.  Use this book for your own personal study.  Use it as a leader’s guide for group study.  Just be ready to think—and to think outside the box—as you are led through this fascinating last book of the Bible.
Pages: 182     Price: 9.95