BRB geography articles are listed by author in alphabetical order, then by year (volume) of publication. Click on the author's last name to access a given entry.

Collins, Steven, "The Geography of the Cities of the Plain," BRB II.1 (2002).   
Collins, Steven, "Rethinking the Location of Zoar: An Exercise in Biblical Geography," BRB VI.1 (2006).   
Collins, Steven, "Forty Salient Points on the Geography of The Cities of the Kikkar," BRB VII.1 (2007).   
Collins, Steven, "Reassessing the Term hakikkar in Nehemiah as Bearing on the Location of the Cities of the Plain," BRBVII.3 (2007).   
Collins, Steven, "If You Thought You Knew the Location of Sodom and Gomorrah...Think Again," BRB VII. 4 (2007). 
Collins, Steven, "A Response to Bryant G. Wood's Critique of Collins' Northern Sodom Theory," BRB VII.7 (2007).  
Fouts, David M., "The Demographics of Ancient Israel," BRB VII.2 (2007).   
Graves, David E. and Stripling, Scott, "Locating Tall el-Hammam on the Madaba Map," BRB VII.6 (2007).  
Thomson, William M., "A Late Nineteenth-Century Missionary-Scholar’s Position on the Location of Sodom and Gomorrah: Excerpts from The Land and the Book," BRB V.5 (2005).
Tristram, Henry B., "Canon Tristram Fires a Lethal Shot at the Southern Sodom Theory: Excerpts from The Land of Moab: Travels and Discoveries on the East Side of the Dead Sea and the Jordan," BRB IX.2 (2009).
Collins, Steven, "Tall el-Hammam Is Sodom: Billington's Heshbon Identification Suffers from Numerous Fatal Flaws,"BRB XII.1 (2012).
Collins, Steven, "Tall el-Hammam Is Still Sodom: Critical Data-Sets Cast Serious Doubt on E.H. Merrill's Chronological Analysis," BRB XIII.1 (2013).
Collins, Steven, "The Geography of Sodom and Zoar: Reality Demolishes W. Schlegel's Attacks against a Northern Sodom,"BRB XIII.2 (2013). 
Olson, Craig, "Which Site Is Sodom? A Comparison of Bab edh-Dhra and Tall el-Hammam," BRB XIV.1 (2014).


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